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In spite of so many medications, angiograms, bypass surgeries and so-called health food, cardiovascular disease remains to be the leading cause of mortality across India, US and China. 1 out of 4 deaths are caused due to heart disease every year. Why are seniors, adults and even teenagers suffering from cardiovascular diseases? Why do we see heart attacks in young adults at the age of 24 and 25? There is clearly a gap and that’s called “lifestyle.” 

To bridge this gap, this course on Cardiovascular disease will help you identify the root cause of heart disease, habits that could hurt your heart and recommend the required changes in your lifestyle. This course will enable you to reduce the chances of getting on to heart medications and discover the possibility of safely weaning off from them in an informed way.

The aim is to educate you about a holistic approach towards preventing and managing cardiovascular diseases. The course integrates different modalities like medicine and the four pillars: Balanced Nutrition, Quality Sleep, Adequate Exercise and Emotional, and tools like yoga, pranayama, meditation.

While there is plenty of information, we encourage you to avoid all the misinformation and start believing in the healing power of your own body and in nature. This course will help you channel the right information about Cholesterol, BP and heart disease in a safer environment. The magic drug is in your hands, so make a change right now!

Course eligibility

Anyone who is interested in acquiring knowledge to prevent, heal and reset their health. There is no prior educational qualification required.

Course duration

11 am - 7 pm

Course fees

10000 (+18% GST)

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What you will learn

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Cardiovascular disease: Take a close look at the heart and its functions, and deep dive into the risk factors like high cholesterol and high BP and its impact on heart disease.
  • Module 2: Medical Advice and tests: Improve your understanding of your reports, medications like statins and anti-hypertensives with possible side effects.
  • Module 3: Role of Balanced Nutrition: Learn the right nutritional approach, foods to eat and avoid, marketing gimmicks and fancy labels to beware of, the truth behind cholesterol, and busting common food myths (coconut oil, ghee, eggs).
  • Module 4: Role of Quality Sleep: Learn how your heart heals when you rest, what is the connection with lack of sleep and inflammation and heart health.
  • Module 5: Role of Emotional Detox: Stress has a direct connection with your cardiovascular health. Learn the fight and flight response, how chronic stress can hurt your heart.
  • Module 6: Role of Adequate Exercise: Heart is a muscle and it needs activity and movement for optimal functioning. Learn how sedentary lifestyle worsens your heart health, risk of overtraining and explore the wisdom of Yoga to heal your heart.
  • Module 7: Case Study and Assessment: Check your understanding to know how much have you grasped and understood from this course.


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Course Instructors

Our Gurukul instructors are a team of medical practitioners, certified nutritionists, clinical dieticians, lifestyle experts and exercise and yoga therapist who have curated and designed the curriculum and will elaborately explain the content to you.

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Welcome to "The Gurukul of Holistic and Lifestyle Medicine”! We, Luke’s integrative team of medical practitioners, certified nutritionists, clinical dietitians, lifestyle experts and exercise and yoga therapists, would like to impart our collective knowledge on how we can improve your health in a holistic manner.