Almost one in ten people suffer from Thyroid issues. With Thyroid issues becoming so rampant across the globe, it is necessary to revisit the root causes, lifestyle factors, habits and integrate changes in your lifestyle so that you can prevent, manage or heal and also get off the so called \"lifetime medicines\" keeping your doctors in the loop.

You do not have to live with thyroid disease throughout your life, unless you choose to! Through our experience and expertise of effectively managing Thyroid, we have designed this course so that we can empower you with the right knowledge and approaches to prevent as well as heal your thyroid in a holistic way, whether you are on medicines or not. 

The course is integrative in nature because it relies on combining different modalities like medicine and the four pillars: Balanced Nutrition, Quality Sleep, Adequate Exercise and Emotional Detox, and tools like yoga, pranayama and meditation.

Course eligibility

Anyone who is interested in acquiring knowledge to prevent, heal and reset their health. There is no prior educational qualification required.

Course duration

8 hours (11 am - 7 pm)

Course fees

10000 (+18% GST)

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What you will learn

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Thyroid: Understand the working of thyroid gland and the hormones involved.
  • Module 2: Medical Advice and Tests: Improve your understanding of your reports, medication and possible side effects.
  • Module 3: Role of Balanced Nutrition: Break the myths around what food to eat and avoid  along with natural supplements to perform optimally.
  • Module 4: Role of Quality Sleep: Sleep and its connection with thyroid functioning. 
  • Module 5: Role of Emotional Detox: Learn how chronic stress impacts thyroid gland and disturbs the hormonal harmony.
  • Module 6: Role of Adequate Exercise: Explore the therapeutic power of Yoga through restorative asanas, pranayama and mudras that stimulate and reset the thyroid function.
  • Module 7: Case Study and Assessment: Check your understanding to know how much have you grasped and understood from this course.


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Course Instructors

Our Gurukul instructors are a team of medical practitioners, certified nutritionists, clinical dieticians, lifestyle experts and exercise and yoga therapist who have curated and designed the curriculum and will elaborately explain the content to you.

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Welcome to "The Gurukul of Holistic and Lifestyle Medicine”! We, Luke’s integrative team of medical practitioners, certified nutritionists, clinical dietitians, lifestyle experts and exercise and yoga therapists, would like to impart our collective knowledge on how we can improve your health in a holistic manner.