Weight loss

Since India is a developing country, one may assume that malnutrition is one of the major factors causing death. But in reality, it is obesity that is affecting and causing dangerous diseases among millions across all age groups.

In a recent study, it was found that more than 1.9 billion adults worldwide were overweight. And, by the year 2025, India will have over 17 million obese children! Obesity is a condition that opens gateways for a host of other conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, respiratory issues, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, stress, fertility issues, hormonal imbalance and even cancer.

The good news is that obesity is the easiest to tackle when one takes measures and adopts habits that allows the body to lose the extra weight. Even modest weight loss can improve or prevent the health problems associated with obesity. Obesity is mostly an indicator of extremely poor lifestyle and attitude towards health, which means it can also be managed through correct lifestyle habits. While this sounds easy to achieve, the challenging part is to lose weight without losing health and be able to sustain fat loss.

This course aims at educating you on everything about Obesity – so that you can effectively manage and prevent yourself from falling prey to so many diseases that are otherwise so easy to contract. It will help you identify the root cause of this disorder, habits that could hurt your weight, complications of obesity and recommended changes in your lifestyle.

The course is integrative in nature because it relies on integrating different healing modalities involving the four pillars (nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress) the right medical approach and tools like yoga, pranayama, meditation. 

While there is plenty of information, we encourage you to avoid all the misinformation and start believing in the healing power of your own body and in nature. The magic drug is in your hands, so make a change right now! 

Course eligibility

Anyone who is interested in acquiring knowledge to prevent, heal and reset their health. There is no prior educational qualification required.

Course duration

11 am - 7 pm

Course fees

10000 (+18% GST)

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What you will learn

  • Module 1: Introduction to Obesity disease: Take a look at concepts such as BMI and body composition. Also, learn about the impact of various neurotransmitters and hormones on weight.
  • Module 2: Medical Advice and test: Learn about general medical advice and information about managing the side effects of medicines from our expert doctor.
  • Module 3: Role of Balanced Nutrition: Learn the right nutritional approach, worst culprits of obesity, tools to eat mindfully, the truth behind calories, specific foods that can assist fat loss and learn how to maintain a food journal.
  • Module 4: Role of Quality Sleep: Learn how lack of sleep leads to weight gain, associated hormonal imbalance, overeating, cravings, low motivation levels to workout and inflammation.
  • Module 5: Role of Emotional Detox: Stress has a direct connection with your body and weight. Learn how chronic stress can cause increase in weight. Also understand how emotional eating and weight gain can get you in a vicious cycle.
  • Module 6: Role of Adequate Exercise: Learn how sedentary and lazy lifestyle worsens the condition of obesity by dropping metabolic rate, reducing circulation of nutrients, the risks of overtraining and how that too could lead to weight gain.
  • Module 7: Case Study and Assessment: Check your understanding to know how much have you grasped and understood from this course.


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Course Instructors

Our Gurukul instructors are a team of medical practitioners, certified nutritionists, clinical dieticians, lifestyle experts and exercise and yoga therapist who have curated and designed the curriculum and will elaborately explain the content to you.

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