Diabetes is a condition that plagues 62 million people and causes death of nearly 1 million people every year and the statistics continue to rise at an alarming rate. It’s affecting not just adults but teenagers and children too. No wonder, India is now called the diabetic capital of the world. 

You can choose to be on a long list of so-called “lifetime” medications or take the lead to change your lifestyle. Type 2 diabetes is not just a disease, but a lifestyle disorder, which can be reversed with right holistic changes.

Medication is necessary and helpful, but an excessive use has its side effects and could make you susceptible to kidney and heart diseases, gut issues, acidity, and much more. The course therefore, also covers the right medical approach that addresses aspects like medications, ways to manage its side effects, diabetic complications and much more. 

The course has a holistic and integrative approach that aims to educate participants to break myths around foods like fruits, to understand the relation of sleep and stress on blood sugar levels, an how being physically active can impact the entire body positively helping a diabetic lead a better quality of life.

Course eligibility

Anyone who is interested in acquiring knowledge to prevent, heal and reset their health. There is no prior educational qualification required.

Course duration

8 hours (11 am - 7 pm)

Course fees

10000 (+18% GST)

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What you will learn

  • Module 1: Learn about Diabetes at the pancreatic level that’s beyond fasting and post meal blood sugars.
  • Module 2: Take a close look at the diagnosis, complications and medical advice from our expert doctor.
  • Module 3: Learn about the nutritional approach to manage sugar levels, functional foods, breaking myths around fruits and much more.
  • Module 4: Learn how lack of quality sleep causes or worsens diabetes. How to practice good sleep hygiene.
  • Module 5: Learn why stress plays a huge role and how it impacts diabetes, appetite, inflammation, hormones and emotions.
  • Module 6: Learn how a sedentary lifestyle causes and worsens diabetes and suitable exercises to manage it.
  • Module 7: Case Study and Assessment: Check your understanding to know how much have you grasped and understood from this course.


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Course Instructors

Our Gurukul instructors are a team of medical practitioners, certified nutritionists, clinical dieticians, lifestyle experts and exercise and yoga therapist who have curated and designed the curriculum and will elaborately explain the content to you.

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Welcome to "The Gurukul of Holistic and Lifestyle Medicine”! We, Luke’s integrative team of medical practitioners, certified nutritionists, clinical dietitians, lifestyle experts and exercise and yoga therapists, would like to impart our collective knowledge on how we can improve your health in a holistic manner.